Moms Irate About Bake Sale Ban


bake saleA ban on bake sales is the latest effort by New York City schools to curb childhood obesity. But both students and parents are livid over the new policy. Would this law fly in your school?

Here's why NYC school officials have instituted the new policy banning bake sales:

  • Roughly 40 percent of the city’s elementary and middle school students are overweight or obese. Officials hope that prohibiting bake sales will help to limit how much sugar, fat, and calories students consume during the school day.
  • Officials found a correlation between student health and performance on standardized tests—better health is linked to better academic performance. Therefore, officials hope that prohibiting junk food at school will help to increase academic performance.

Here's why students and parents are so opposed to the bake sale ban:

  • Many school clubs and teams depend on the money generated from weekly bake sales.
  • Banning bake sales is not an effective solution to the problem of obesity. There are better ways to improve student health at school including more physical activity/gym time, making more fresh, healthy foods available in the cafeteria, and teaching nutrition in schools.

What do you think? Is the ban on bake sales smart or idiotic?


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auror... aurorabunny

That's LAME. 

The kids that have problems with that issue are probably eating fast food or fried garbage at home every night so what the hell is banning a bake sale going to help?

toria... toriandgrace

Did they take all the junk food out of the vending machines and lunch room? Seems like that's more important.

toola toola

I agree - ban junk food/pop machines instead.  Cakes people bake from scratch don't typically contain crazy heart stopping ingredients (like hydrogentated oils or high fructose corn syrup).

auror... aurorabunny

I thought of something is completely possible to have a 100% healthy bake sale.  Baked goods, desserts included, do not automatically have to be bad for you.  These people obviously aren't thinking outside of the box.

pagan... pagan_mama

People aren't thinking. If someone buys a cake or something at a bake sale, they are probably not going to go home and eat the whole thing in one sitting. If they are obese they  ARE probably eating stuff like a "triple-patty burger" or some such trash in one sitting, which is far more calories, and bad ones, too. Even if they DO eat it all at one sitting, a once a year indulgence is not going to make that significant change in their diet to have a health effect. If they eat high-fat foods all the time, the absence of a bake salealso isn't going to make any difference. Do these people in charge of the fund-raisers actually think the absence of a bake sale is automatically make all the obese children instantly slender?

auntp... auntplushy

Bake sales are a healthy endeavor. What are we banning next? Salt shakers in restaurants? It's really about education and discipling ourselves and our children to make smart, healthy choices. How else are our children going to develop the ability to think for themselves? Are school officials saying the kids aren't capable of making good decisions and that no one should ever have a treat? If them! School lunches have not in the past been more than starch and fat due to finances. And ketchup is a vegetable, remember that? I say STOP the FATheads!

bella... bella69147

Due to peanut bans and liability on the schools, it  is being eliminated.Also auntplushy,According to school officials bake sales are fattening and encouraging children to have poor eating habits.I think it is so sad................

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