How to Throw a Tailgating Home.

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This past Sunday I went to the Jets-Titans game. Sadly, my team lost (sad face), but my friends and I did have a heck of a tailgate beforehand.


But who needs a stadium parking lot to tailgate? You can bring that fun football factor into your home with these tips from Woman's Day:

Food Musts:
For this type of party, appetizer and finger-food recipes are the easiest to prepare and serve. Set up the snacks outside or buffet-style on a kitchen counter or dining room table—making sure to refill them periodically throughout the game. Be sure to check out some of great game day recipes from CafeMoms.

Party Pointers
In addition to food, there are a few must-haves for your tailgating get-together. Make sure you stock up on the following:

  • Portable radios and/or smaller TVs are good for placing throughout the house as well as outside, so guests don’t miss a minute of the game.
  • Sports decorations and paraphernalia always make fun additions to any party. For local or regional team items, check out stores in the area, and for classic football decor, try online party sites, like or If you aren’t one for decorating, having spirited disposable plates, cups and napkins is an easy way to set the mood.
  • Deck your home in streamers and balloons of your team's colors.

Even if your team loses, your party is sure to be a winner! For more tips on throwing an indoor tailgating party, check out Woman's Day.

Do you throw get togethers at your house on game day?

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