Weeknights vs. Weekends: Which Meals Are Healthier?

unhealthy weekend meals

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Somehow I manage to do a better job of cooking healthy, low-cal meals during the week when I'm working than during the weekends when we're all home and supposedly ... calmer. Puzzling. You'd figure it would be the other way around.

Here was our Monday through Thursday menu last week:


  • Roasted pork, vegetable casserole, applesauce
  • Pasta shells stuffed with low-fat cheese, broccoli
  • Roasted chicken, potatoes and carrots
  • Black bean and chicken (leftovers, shredded) burritos, salsa, rice, guacamole

Wow, pretty impressive. How the heck did I pull that off?

Before you give me an award, take a look at our weekend menu:

  • Take-out pizza (does sauce count as a vegetable)
  • Macaroni and cheese from a box, raw carrot sticks (because I couldn't be bothered)
  • Burgers and fries (does ketchup count as a vegetable?)

I've concluded that it all comes down to survival. During the week, I have to be heavily scheduled and planned or I will crumble. I have to know what I'm making from one night to the next and make sure I've already grocery shopped for all the ingredients.

Come the weekend, when structure goes out the window, I'm lost. I don't think about dinner or lunch until it's upon us, and then all I'm thinking about is quick, easy, cheap, or take-out.

Is this what it's like in your house, too? Do you eat healthier, more well-rounded meals during the week than on the weekends?


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