Budget-Friendly Ideas For a Kid's Birthday Party


You want to throw your child the best birthday party ever. But money is tight, and your party budget is limited. So how do you do it without dissappointing the birthday boy or girl?

CafeMoms get creative with some great money-saving ideas...

Kids' parties on a budget was a recent topic of discussion in the Planning Your Kid's Birthday Party. Here's what some moms suggested for how to throw a fun party without dropping a ton of cash:

How to Save on Party Location:

  • Lanceandhailey: Have it at a park with just cake and presents. The park will entertain the kids.
  • CiMama: If you can, have the party at home. If you can't maybe another family member's home or apartment party room would work.
  • Jkmom2007: One way to cut costs is to have the party at home. Invite less kids and have it be a drop off party. If you don't invite the parents/siblings you can serve less food, etc. Also, ask one of the other parents or neighbor to help you run the party so you can retain control of the kids.

How to Save on Party Food:

  • J45505: Do cheap food...dogs and burgers, chips, juice that's $1.99 by the gallon. Make your own cupcakes.
  • CiMama: Make it a potluck! It costs a lot to provide all the food for a party, but doesn't cost much to bring a small amount of food. You provide the homemade cake (cupcakes are always a crowd-pleaser) and some punch. Keep the party dry...alcohol costs a lot. Or people can contribute that way, too.
  • Myanas_mommy: For food you can do lasagna—it's not expensive to either make it on your own or buy it frozen. You can make two different salads. Kids can have hot dogs.  
  • Stacy_12_20: I make the cake myself and that saves a lot! 

How to Save on Party Decorations and Supplies:

  • IzzieNorahsmom: We always keep it small, and I pick a theme and buy supplies and decorations way in the Dollar Store and on clearance at Walmart.
  • Stacy_12_20: One of the ways I keep costs down is with the goody bags...It's my child's birthday, and I feel like I shouldn't have to give something in return, espcially since I am providing the cake, ice cream, drinks, and snacks. To me a goody bag is a bribe!

Inexpensive Party Theme Suggestions:

  • 4evrluvmykid:On my daughter's 4th birthday we had a super hero-themed party at home and invited everyone to dress as their favorite superhero. The kids had a blast!  My husband and my BFF made an almost life-sized bat girl for "Pin the mask on bat girl." I printed off some coloring pages and made the cupcakes myself. We served pizza, hot dogs, chips, and drinks. The kids loved it! I created the invites myself and found the decor on clearance at Party City.
  • MNMom247365: You could do a princess/prince party for very little money! Have all the kids come dressed in their favorite princess dress-up dress or just a nice dress. Play freeze dance to princess music or buy a pinata, do an inexpensive craft (which would be their goodie bag treat), and make cupcakes (let the kids decorate with different colors of frosting and sprinkles), and then open presents. Decorate with pink and white balloons, silver streamers, and tablecloths. 
  • Jamminmomma: This year our DD is only going to have 5 girls spend the night and do makeovers and mani/pedis on each other with pizza, cake, and snacks and watch movies.

Do you have any tips for throwing a kid's birthday party on a budget?


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Jehnavi Jehnavi

It was not long ago when children had their birthday parties at McDonalds in a back room or the local pizzeria. Today, however, it seems that parents and exceeding its budget on debt just to get their children a birthday party. Most children are happy to be with friends and to drink soda and eat a cake much more than their little stomachs can handle, but it seems that there is a tendency for competition among parents to rule Birthday bigger and better year. If you do not want to fall into this trend of parents who are struggling for a place in the other, and, most importantly, your budget is tight, so here are some tips on a birthday party on a budget.

Katrina Jones

Most children enjoy being with friends and drink soda and eat the cake much more than their small stomach can handle, but it seems that competition has the tendency of parents to control the birthday year bigger and better. If you do not want to share this tendency of parents who fight for others, and, above all, the budget is tight, here are some suggestions for a birthday party on a budget.

levim... levimomma08

i make all the food myself, and have the party at the local park. we do a pinata and the candy is the goody bag gift.

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