Should Kids Learn Nutrition in School?


kids learn nutrition in schoolStudents at an elementary school in California take a cooking class every other week where they learn basic cooking skills and nutrition. Many of these kids are used to eating junk food at home; but in class they try (often for the first time) healthy items like tomato salsa, hummus, and vegetable stew.

But is school the appropriate place to learn about food?

Officials at this particular school don't see why not, especially because their students come from a variety of different backgrounds— and many don't have the opportunity to eat meals with their family. Some kids have never even tasted "real food" (unprocessed food) until now.

The teacher of the class instructs students about the importance of making healthy choices, and then walks the kids through a basic, healthy, seasonal recipe. After they prepare the meal together, they eat it.

And if you're wondering how the teacher gets kids to try so many vegetables, he implements the "Three Bite Rule" (sound familiar?). And it actually works!

The school cooking classes have been received positively—by both kids and parents. Some moms report that, because of the class, their kids like to go grocery shopping with them; one mom even said that her husband had lost 30 pounds because of their new "diet."

What do you think of cooking classes in schools? Is this something you would like to see implemented in your child's school?


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TKsMo... TKsMommie

I think that is an awesome idea!!  If that was an option at my sons school I would sign his picky eating little butt up!!  In our case it reinforces some of the things we have been teaching at home.  Even now his teacher pushes healthy snacks and talks about eating healthy with them and he has more of an interest in healthy foods.  This week she has everyone sending in snacks with pumpkin and some other p-word snacks so the kids can try some new healthy snacks!  

niami... niamibunni

Obviously children aren't learning about nutrition and the problems down the road that come with unhealthy eating habits from their parents or families. 

Schools need to teach nutrition AND correct portion sizes. I never knew what an actual serving size was until my 30's, even after Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers only showed us how you could weigh potato chips to get in 25 for a serving instead of the recommended 12. 

Thankfully what I knew of nutrition sunk in with my first child, he opted for salads and yogurt instead of greasy pizza and chicken nuggets served at school.

justa... justanotherjen

Although I do teach my kids to eat healthy (and they are constantly reminding me that the food I'm eating isn't healthy and that I should have some fruit or something, lol) I would love this class.  It sounds like fun for the kids and educational, too.

My kids already eat pretty healthy and, for the most part, are more then willing to try new things.  I still have people shocked to find my kids actually request veggies with their meals, love to eat raw carrots and celery for snacks, pick yogurt over ice cream, fresh fruit over cookies, etc.

DogsMom DogsMom

I wish they had thought of this when I was in grade school - or middle school - high school - college -  even when my son was in school.  I took nutrition courses in college but that was dry and boring.  Combining nutrition facts and cooking and eating - that would have sunk in.

Alieda Alieda

I think it is a wonderful idea and would have my kids in it if was possible but then.

CherB... CherBearCM

My daughter does learn nutrition in school and I think it's great.  I do teach her how important it is at home and encourage her to try new things but I've noticed since getting nutrition classes at school she actually looks forward to trying new things and often asks us now to buy certain healthy things because she wants to try them or has decided she now likes them after trying them at school.

auror... aurorabunny

Part of me says yes and part of me says no.

It depends on how truly educated they are in regards to nutrition.  I'm sure it would be of major benefit for some children but if they are just going by guidelines handed out by the cafeteria then they'd probably be telling my kiddo (a vegan) that he is starving to death and going to die or something.  Sorry I have no faith in public schools.  Or public anything really.

Reener Reener

I do believe children should learn about nutrition in school.


Teachers are NOT to tell kids that meat is bad for them and milk and dairy are bad and becoming a vegetarian is the only way to survive.  That is up to the parent to make those decisions. Or as the child grows, let them decide. I've seen SO many teachers trying to convert kids. And it takes it's toll on the parents.

Kids need to know nutrition. They need to know what fatty foods are. How much protein plays a role in a healthy body. It's amazing what my son comes home from school with as far as informtion goes. I have a mind to call the school sometimes, but my son knows and trusts me. I told him to take what hears and decide and to ask me if he has any questions.

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