Should Kids Learn Nutrition in School?

kids learn nutrition in schoolStudents at an elementary school in California take a cooking class every other week where they learn basic cooking skills and nutrition. Many of these kids are used to eating junk food at home; but in class they try (often for the first time) healthy items like tomato salsa, hummus, and vegetable stew.

But is school the appropriate place to learn about food?


Officials at this particular school don't see why not, especially because their students come from a variety of different backgrounds— and many don't have the opportunity to eat meals with their family. Some kids have never even tasted "real food" (unprocessed food) until now.

The teacher of the class instructs students about the importance of making healthy choices, and then walks the kids through a basic, healthy, seasonal recipe. After they prepare the meal together, they eat it.

And if you're wondering how the teacher gets kids to try so many vegetables, he implements the "Three Bite Rule" (sound familiar?). And it actually works!

The school cooking classes have been received positively—by both kids and parents. Some moms report that, because of the class, their kids like to go grocery shopping with them; one mom even said that her husband had lost 30 pounds because of their new "diet."

What do you think of cooking classes in schools? Is this something you would like to see implemented in your child's school?


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