Alcohol at a Kid's Party?

alcohol at a kids party?A question was recently posted in Answers, "Do you have alcohol for the adults at a kids birthday party?" and it got mixed results:


EireLass: Nope. No alcohol at a child's party (or anyone underage), and NO they don't bring their own. If they did, I'd assume a drinking problem if they couldn't go 3 hours without something.

Nathskitten: No, if it was on a holiday then yes. My middle son was born on the 4th of July, so there is alcohol at his birthday party because we host the big BBQ for our entire family. But as a general rule, no. If somebody wants to bring a beer or two for themselves it would be ok, but we wouldn't provide it.

Jillybeans24: I would just have BYOB. I find no problem with "adult drinks" at a kid's birthday party but it's not really a "drinking" type of day like New Years or 4th of July.

 Inkedmommy007: We usually have drinks for adults during birthday parties, some beer, smirnoff ice, wine or something. I don't see a problem with it, if the adults are there, they might as well have a beer and relax while the kids play. No one gets hammered, no one falls down sloppy drunk, we are adults and we can act our age. If someone's kids have never seen them sip on a glass of wine before, then I guess that is something else, but for us it's no biggie. No one leaves drunk or acts like an idiot, so it is usually a pretty good party...I guess I should mention that my birthday & both of my kids birthdays all fall about a week apart, so when we have a party it is a combined party for both our kids and me as well.


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In my family, we started serving alcohol at family events/birthdays once the youngest family member turned 16 (though only those over 21 could drink). I think a lot of it depends on the individual family and friends that will be at the party.


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