Do You Plan Your Travel Around Food?

bakery, travel, food, foodieWhen I travel, first I plan where I'm going to eat. Then I plan what I'm going to see.

Am I the only one?


Taking a short trip to NYC this week, and I have some free time while I'm there. So what did I do? I found the restaurants, eateries, cafes, and bakeries I wanted to try and planned my days around eating at them. Move over Empire State Building and Central Park. Make room for Magnolia Bakery and the Shake Shack.

I'm also working on planning an overnighter with my husband and a few friends in San Francisco soon. I used GoogleMaps to create a map of our potential adventures, and let's just say all I can see on the map is a bunch of little "knife and fork" icons. Whoops.

I get tempted to fly a certain airlines sometimes, just because the food's better in that airport terminal. However, I do draw the line at getting the cheapest airfare...

I probably should get a life, but good food's so important to me. A bad meal can ruin my day.

Do you plan your travel itinerary around food? Or is food an afterthought when you're traveling?


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