900 Miles Without Junk Food: Is It Possible?

LuminousMom wrote a fantastic journal post this week about road-tripping with her kids for 900 miles—and here's the kicker—WITHOUT junk food!

This means no chips, no fast food, no candy bars...only healthy meals and snacks. Think she can do it? Here's what she's feeding her family on the road:





  • Peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam on whole grain bread.
  • Apple slices.
  • Yogurt cups.


  • Yogurt cups.
  • Sliced apples.
  • Strawberries.
  • Bananas.
  • 1% milk cheese sticks.
  • I am going to make "Teddy Grahams" by taking my graham cracker recipe and cutting it into cute shapes instead of squares.


  • I'll make a batch of my homemade granola bars which are more like cookies or candy than health food, but they don't contain any corn syrup and are grains, and have only 1/2 cup honey/sugar. They also have great nuts and fruit, so I like them.


  • Pasta salad using whole grain pasta (bowties I think), feta cheese and kalamata olives, green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, some roasted red pepper maybe.
  • Sliced roasted turkey breast and mustard with some nice bread so we can make sammies if we want, or just snack on it.

Thanks to LuminousMom for sharing her healthy road food ideas!

What does your family eat on the road?


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