Ideas for a Twilight-Themed Party

Whether it's for a little Twilight fan's birthday party or a celebration of New Moon when it comes out, the Twilight party theme is to die for! The ridiculously talented Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess with the Mostess put together a fabulous Twilight party and I just had to share.

Jennifer incorporates several elements of the movie and book into her party ideas, like these quotes which she framed (pictured at top & below). To use these designs for your own party, download all of them for free right here: 8x10 quotes/5x7 quotes.
Twilight party theme
She also designed blood-themed drink labels (seen below). Slap them around bottles of red soda, juice or cocktail mixers (be sure to remove the original labels first). And yep, you can download the drink labels too!
Here are some other ideas she used for decor:
  • Fill vases with apples, pillar candles, floating candles and dark red acrylic sea glass. Wrap the vases with ribbon, tulle, the labels, or rhinestones (think sparkly like the skin of a vampire in the sun!). 
  • Hang umbrellas to give the rainy effect of Forks (props if you have a fog machine!).
  • Create napkin rings from those plastic glow in the dark fangs and/or set other ones around the room. 
  • Make “blood drip candles” by drizzling melted was from a red candle on top of a white taper candle, then displaying them in cool candelabras
Food (I love the idea of using the "You're always crabbier when your eyes are black" label for the food table):
  • If you're making a full-scale meal, Italian is the way to go, and not just because it's super easy...Bella orders mushroom ravioli in the Port Angeles restaurant with Edward and the Cullens attempt to make Italian food for Bella when she first visits their home.  
  • Bowls of red candies do double-duty as decor and treats.
  • Drizzle bowls of popcorn with butter that’s been colored red.
  • Serve Red Velvet Cupcakes that look like they’ve been splattered with blood (red food coloring).
  • Twilight trivia. Give a golden onion as the prize, this is what Bella & Edward “won” in Biology. To create, literally spray paint a store-bought onion gold!
  • If you have tarot cards, you can take a que from Alice and have a fortune-telling game.
  • Play the Twilight soundtrack for music.

Obviously, Jennifer is a lot more creative than the average person, but I will definitely use this as inspiration when I have a little get-together to celebrate the New Moon premiere!

Are you a Twilight fan? Have you thrown a Twilight-themed party?

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