Boxed Cake Mix: A Natural Alternative

Naturally Nora boxed cake mixesWhen I can, I bake from scratch. But there are times when a boxed cake mix are called for. Like at 10 p.m. at night, when I suddenly remember I am supposed to send in cupcakes to school the next morning! Oh, yes, it's happened. More times than I care to remember.

And, so, I pull down one of those boxed mixes from the cabinet, which taste pretty good (though I can spot non-homemade a mile away) but that I know are packed with lots of artificial and additional stuff and chemicals that I don't want my kid to eat.

(What is "propylene glycol monostester," anyway? It can't be good, especially since it sounds suspiciously close to "child molester.")


Naturally Nora is my new best friend. She's a mom of kids who decided to investigate what those little confetti dots on cupcakes were really made out of. "I wouldn't eat that!" she said. "How could I serve that to my kids!"

She's come out with a line of all-natural cake mixes without any artificial colorings or un-natural ingredients. Check out her label compared to the other popular brands in this cake mix comparison. You'll notice hers has 8 ingredients compared to 17 or 18 in the others.

And super yummy. I made the Sunny Yellow cake with Vanilla Frosting. For an added touch I mixed in some chocolate chips. My kids and neighbors loved them, and no one could tell they weren't homemade.

You can buy them in specialty stores like Whole Foods, Meijer, and can be ordered at amazon for $3-$4 a box, in several different varieties including dots and stars that are not artificially colored.

What is your go-to boxed cake mix? Do you think that boxed cake has a particular "taste" that gives it away?


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