Meal Pay Plus: Do You Use It?

mealpayplus school lunchDo you use MealPayPlus? It's a Web-based payment program that allows parents to pre-pay for school lunches and view their kids' purchases online or by phone. Some schools have been doing it for a few years; others are just signing on now because of the program's many advantages...

  • Parents can monitor what their child is eating each day and even limit choices if they see too many unhealthy foods.
  • Parents no longer have to worry about their kids losing lunch money on the way to school because students will swipe cards in the lunch line instead of paying with cash.
  • Lines in the cafeteria will move more quickly.
  • Students who take free or reduced lunch blend in better with other students because everyone has the same swipe cards.

For additional information about MealpayPlus, please visit:

Does your school participate in MealPayPlus? How does it work for you?

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