The Food Police Strikes Again

Cynthia Dermody

dining out with kids

A local Italian restaurant that claims to be "family friendly" has a "Pasta Special of the Week" -- a sizable plate of pasta with a side salad and drink for $8. That's pretty good in our area, so during a special night out, my husband and I each ordered one, plus a third to split amongst our two kids, ages 4 and 6.

Well ... the waiter cops a major attitude and informs us our kids are not allowed to share the pasta special. Everyone has to order their own, or they could add a $3 sharing charge, without the salad, which would bring it back to the regular menu price.

Talk about kid-UNfriendly. I tried to explain, they're, like, little. Stomach the size of a large grape. Do you really expect us to order one for each of them? Yes, they really did.

What would you have done in this situation?


I would have ...

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Because the kids were on the verge of a hunger meltdown, I ended up politely ordering a third pasta special for "one" child and a slice of pizza for the "other." Both kids ended up sharing the plate of pasta anyway. My husband glared at the waiter through the meal, daring him to say a word. And of course we've never been back.

Does it irk you when restaurants won't bend the rules for kids? What's the worst thing a restaurant has pulled when ordering a kiddie meal or a plate for your kids to share?

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