Food Porn, Ice Cream Every Day: Links I Love

junk food

Photo by AndrisMom

Ice cream. Pizza. Chocolate. Love it all. Why is it that the tastiest foods are always the most unhealthy? Sometimes I just think screw it and indulge in some bad-for-you junk food. If you're feeling naughty, here are some links I love:


Food porn. That's what they're calling the super high caloried foods like Domino's Breadbowl Pastas. — That's Fit

Really? How bad would it be if I ate ice cream every day? — Parent Dish

Think you're eating healthy? On some of these foods, guess again. — Woman's Day

Mommy in a bad mood? Study shows kids get junk food.  — Cookie

Do you ever indulge in unhealthy foods? Which ones?

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