Mind Your Table Manners Posters

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Need some sweet and pretty reminders about the tried and true rules to good eating (and good table manners) for your dining room? I love this vintage-looking By Order of the Management series by artist John W. Golden.


Put together a set, a duo, a trio, or a foursome of your favorite sayings under which to enjoy your family meals. Images are digitally created and reproduced on archival paper. Each 6 x 10 poster runs $20 in John W. Golden's Etsy Shop. He also has some series pricing if you want to buy groupings (sizes vary).

The table manners posters include:

  • Always Say Please and Thank You
  • Chew With Your Mouth Closed
  • Clean Your Plate
  • Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full
  • Don't Play With Your Food
  • Eat Your Vegetables
  • Keep Your Elbows Off the Table
  • Mind Your Manners
  • No Dinner, No Dessert
  • Put Your Dishes in the Sink
  • Wash Your Hands

He has lots of other options for promoting good manners around the rest of the house too! It think Mrs. Manners would approve.

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