Forgot an Ingredient ... Oops!

kitchen disasters

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Today at breakfast, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into one of the strawberry muffins I had made the night before (here's the recipe; just 160 calories each). I don't snack after 7 p.m., so it took a good measure of resistance to step away from the cooling rack with them sitting there hot out of the oven.

When I finally took my first bite today, expecting mildly sweet, airy perfection, I got ... bland. Blech!

It dawned on my pretty quickly. As I was mixing the dry ingredients, I forgot to add the sugar. A half-cups' worth, enough to turn my mouth-watering strawberry muffins into mediocre strawberry bread.


This is always the risk when I cook with my kids, or after dinner or late at night when I'm fried and scrambled. Omitting an ingredient isn't a catastrophe in most other forms of cooking, but baking is pretty much an exactitude. Even a little mistake can alter the end result drastically. It's the one time you need to get out your measuring cups and spoons and -- note to self -- RE-READ THE RECIPE SEVERAL TIMES!

I'm disappointed with my muffins, but they're not half bad with a dollop of jam or sweet butter.

Have you ever accidentally omitted a vital ingredient from cooking? Tell me the story and share the outcome ...

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