Oh My, What Yummy Pies! (Oprah ordered over 20)

oprah pie cape codI've been vacationing on Cape Cod, where everybody is buzzing about Oprah and pie. She was in the area last week to attend the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and while she was here she had a slice of pie—or two.


Kristin Broadley, the owner of the Centerville Pie Co, delivered some pies to the media mogul and her friend Gayle at their hotel. The two women tried the pies and loved them. Oprah even called the pie shop owner to tell her just how much, and later had her assistant order more than twenty pies (including chicken pot, custard, and banana cream), which were delivered to the airport the day Oprah's plane was leaving town.

I have to confess two things. One is that I'm not a big fan of Oprah. The second is that after hearing this, I really wanted to try the pie. I guess I'm not immune to the "Oprah effect" (her ability to make a business a success by putting in a good word). I did and they are yummy (good pie crust), though I'm not sure I'll be taking twenty or even one home with me.

Unfortunately, you have to visit Cape Cod if you want ta taste—the Centerville Pie Co. is just a few months old and isn't equipped to take or ship long-distance orders.

What do you think of Oprah's food recommendations? When she raves about something on her show or in her magazine, does it make you want to try it?

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