Zombies! Scary Creatures Make for Great Halloween Cakes

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How do you scare the pants off guests at a Halloween party? Sarbare0704's got the answer: with a Zombie Cake, of course.  Hard to believe, but this talented CafeMom has been making cakes for less than one year. She's completely self-taught and frequently uses the Cake 101 group for ideas. She made this cake for a recent adult Halloween party.



How exactly did she do it?



CafeMom: How did you make this guy?

Sarbare0704: The torso is nine cakes (five cake mixes) stacked on top of each other and covered with fondant. The arms are made with a PVC pipe structure covered in fondant. And the head is formed from fondant-coverd Rice Crispy treats.


CafeMom: Wherever did you come up with this great idea?

Sarbare0704: I found a similar cake on Cake Central and developed it from there.


CafeMom: So do you actually eat a Zombie Cake? It looks too scary to eat!

Sarbare0704: We also made cake balls dipped in white chocolate that look like eyeballs, and we ate those first. But then later we ended up cutting into the Zombie Cake. It was so sad!


Let's all congratulate Sarbare0704 on her excellent work!


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