Organic Peanut Butter Always Satisfies

organic peanut butterThe following is a guest post by Ideal Bite's Mama Bite editor Alison Neumer Lara.

When I've really got a cold or the flu coming on, there's one clear way I know: I lose my appetite. Yes, that's true for many people, but ordinarily I'm always, always ready to eat (good cheese is my first choice...except maybe cookies...or a grass-fed burger...). And in turn, the first sign of getting better? Jonesing for a gooey PB&J.


So during my pregnancy, especially that first trimester, one of the only foods I'd consume after a bout of nausea was organic peanut butter. Not a bad choice if you want something with nutritional heft, but free of the pesticides, preservatives, and whopping amount of salt found in the nonorganic stuff.

Later, when nursing, organic PB proved to be the ultimate convenience food—a quick spoonful with all that good protein and fat kept me going (fellow moms: remember how you're starving all the time?), and no worries about anything tainting my milk supply.

But it turns out to be pretty versatile for kids too as a way to sneak in extra nutrition. Think beyond PB&J, especially if you lean toward vegetarian cooking (which is easier on the planet's resources than meat). Now when I make a veggie stir-fry, organic PB is one of the first things I grab. Whole grain pilafs? Stir it in. Same for kid faves like pancakes and banana bread.

Kids with peanut allergies have options too. I'll use almond butter, one of many nut butters available, interchangeably with PB for different flavors. It makes amazing cookies, too, so I'm covering all bases while satisfying my sweet tooth.

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