Should You Tip for Take-Out?

Cynthia Dermody

tipping for take-outTips jars are becoming commonplace at take-out counters at coffee shops, delis, and convenience stores. I'm not sure how much the folks behind the counter make, but it's probably not a lot, so I always throw in a little extra change when I can.

But then there's the issue of tipping the server for take-out at a restaurant. I never thought I was supposed to do that, but apparently some wait people do expect it.

maybebaby15 tells how a friend gets annoyed when people don't tip her for readying their take-out orders.

"She doesn't make less than minimum wage the way servers do, so to me, she's getting paid for her job. I don't consider a person handing me food in a bag a 'service.' I've driven there to order and pick it up; there's no refill/checking on a table to do."

A mom in The Cafe discussion also made a good point: Some take-out servers do the same thing as grocery store clerks. Are we going to start tipping them as well?

But some restaurant staff do more than just push buttons on a register. Here's .scissorsister.'s case for tipping take-out staff:

"When I did take-out orders, I did more than waitresses do. I made the salads, boxed the food, got all the dressings, condiments. The only thing I didn't do was bring you a coke and make the food, and I made $3 an hour. You aren't required to tip 20 percent, but is it that hard to throw them $2-3? You tip the guy who delivers your food, and he doesn't do anything but drive."



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Do you tip take-out servers? What's your rule for knowing when to offer a gratuity?

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