Restaurant High Chairs Are Gross!

unsanitary restaurant booster seats

Dual booster seat from; $25 each

Wiping down the booster seats and high chairs must not be a part of the staff training at any restaurant, because I've yet to find a seat that isn't completely gross. Italian restaurants are the worst -- all that butter and olive oil!

Members of the Stay At Home Moms group agree with me:

"Restaurant highchairs are disgusting and SO unclean. I always bring my daughter's highchair cover with us," says MommyKelley04.


Those covers and inserts are pretty handy. But they are still not problem-free. Consider this:

"You do need to wash them after every use or else you are just dragging around the germs that get on the bottom from place to place, in and out of your home," says itsnotaboutm765. "I don't like them for that reason. They only cover the germs, and any germs there are are going to cling to the bottom. They'll end up in your car at the very least."

It's one of those things ... no one had inserts or covers or even baby wipes when I was growing up, and I survived the grimy restaurant high chair. Do you make a big deal of it or not?



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