Tips for Creating a Candy Buffet

candy buffetsHaving candy buffets at parties and weddings are becoming more and more popular. I mean, who doesn't love candy? And what's so great about it is that it serves as both decorations and party favors!


Here are some tips to creating your own Willy Wonka-esque atmosphere:

What you'll need:
Several glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes (bowls, jars, vases, canisters, pedestal servers, glasses)
Candy Scoops
Small cellophane bags or mini boxes for guests to fill with candy
Ribbon, labels, and other embellishments to decorate the jars

  • The most important factor is making sure you have enough candy. Think of it as a design element instead of favors. Here's a good go-to for making sure you have enough: For large parties, use 8-10 types of candy/15-20 pounds each. For smaller parties, 7-10 types of candy/6-10 pounds each.
  • If you're on a budget, but want to create a full buffet look use "filler" items. Paper lanterns, flowers, and picture frames fill up space so you don't have to buy as much candy.
  • Use a variety of candies. The choice of candies usually depends on the theme. My favorite look for candy buffets is using a monochromatic color scheme, but if you're having a retro-themed party for example, you shoud definitely break out the nostalgic candy!
  • Purchase candy at bulk candy stores. It's best if you bring the containers into the store with you. That way you can be sure you bought enough.
  • If you order online, be sure to place your order in advance so you can order more candy if necessary.
  • Keep location in mind. If you're having an outdoor party in the middle of summer, chocolate candies may not be the right choice.
  • Create aesthetic appeal by using different shapes, sizes, and heights of containers. You can find these practically anywhere. Get creative!
  • Make the table three-dimensional. Stack the containers on boxes draped with fabric to mix the heights.
  • Jazz the containers up with ribbon, labels, and other decorative elements.
  • Cover the table in a nice, bunching fabric to add texture.

Have you ever done a candy buffet?

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