Food Trucks: My Guilty Pleasure

food trucks

Photo from The Dessert Truck

Though ice cream trucks may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of food trucks, I can't help but secretly love the (terribly unhealthy but delicious) other kinds of foods-on-the-go. 


Whether you live in a big city and hit one up for a quick lunch or late night snack or if you satisfy your craving for a delicious crepe at a small town street fair, you have to admit, those traveling cooks can make pretty darn good food in that little truck.

My favorites around NYC are the Cupcake Truck (I've seen it roaming the Union Square area for those of you who live in or plan to visit New York) and the kebab trucks that are on practically every block that make for a really cheap lunch.

And back when I lived in small-town Tennessee, during the annual street and county fairs I would indulge in the funnel cakes, mmm!

Check out what food trucks made Woman's Day's list of the best mobile food options around the country.

Do you have food trucks where you live? What are your favorite things to get from a food truck, whether it's at a street fair or in a city?


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