Does the Ice Cream Truck Visit Your Neighborhood?

snow cone truck, ice cream truck

Photo by haeshu

I think our Ice Cream Man has been furloughed, along with much of the state of California. We haven't seen him all summer.


Thankfully, we do have Aisu Pops — homemade popsicles made from local and seasonal produce — at the Davis Farmer's Market though and with my favorite flavor: Mint Arnold Palmer (you know how I love an Arnold Palmer!). However, they don't come down my street playing that little yummy ice cream song.

Isn't the above Fresher Than Fresh all-natural snow cone stand from Kansas City adorable (thanks, Hannah, for the photo)? Owner Lindsay uses snow cone syrups made from fresh fruit and herbs without ANY artificial colors or flavors. Some of her current flavors include Lemon Prickly Pear, Blackberry Lavender, Green Tea Pear, Watermelon Basil, and Espresso & Mexican Cane Sugar. Um, yes please!!!

And, you know, that sounds a lot better than the freezer-burned frozen treats we usually get from the ice cream truck.

Does the ice cream truck visit your neighborhood? What other frozen treats have you found?

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