Mini Watermelon Treats: Perfect for a Tea Party

Watermelon is in season right now, but you can enjoy "watermelon" all year round with these petite watermelon treats (made with limes, red Jell-O, and chocolate chips) from Chocolate On My Cranium. Brilliant!


Petite Watermelon Treats From Chocolate On My Cranium

2 limes

1 small box of red Jell-O

Mini chocolate chips

Cut limes in half lengthwise. Scoop out fruit with a spoon, and place limes in muffin tin. Make the box of Jell-O as if you were making "Jigglers" (recipe on the box). Spoon Jell-O into lime halves. Chill until almost firm. Push mini chocolate chips into Jell-O as "seeds." Chill until firm. Cut into slices.

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