Throw a Halloween Party Like Amy Sedaris

If you aren't yet familiar with Amy Sedaris, you owe it to yourself (and your future party guests) to check her out. This hilarious comedian/actor is also the author of one of my favorite books on entertaining, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. It's an absolute must for anyone who wants to throw a good party. Now that Halloween is just around the corner, Sedaris tells how to turn your home into a discount movie theatre showing horror flicks for the most fabulous Fright Night party ever.


Besides providing detailed steps on how to create your own in-home theater, this article also includes cute food (meatloaf and mashed potatoes because it's easy to eat on your lap) and drink (Bloody Marys, duh!) ideas. Sedaris also remembers to tell you how to decorate your movie theatre, whether you prefer Halloween decorations or classic old movie theatre touches—strewn popcorn, anyone? 

Now, all you have to do is pick out your favorite scary movie!

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