DIY Fruit Fly Trap

DIY fruit fly trapBananas and mangoes are just not meant to be in the refrigerator. Most fruit, in fact, tastes so much better at room temperature, bringing out maximum juiciness and sweetness. But you can't leave fruit out unless you also want fruit flies.

You can thwart them using one of those pricey containers and vinegar-based solutions sold at places like the Gardener's Supply Company, or you can make your own trap. A mom posted a link for a cheap and easy DIY version in Recipes. Here's how to make it:



A banana or two


Cling wrap

Rubber bands

Plastic jars or bowls (that you can throw away after using)

Make it:

1. Slice up the bananas and divide into several containers.

2. Place the cling plastic wrap tightly over the opening of the jar or bowl, and place a rubber band around it to hold it snugly in place.

3. Using the knife's point, poke a few tiny holes into the plastic wrap. Make them very tiny. The fruit flies can get in, but once in, they can't get out.

How do you get rid of fruit flies in your home?

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