Mom's New Rule: Waste Food, Pay a Fine

half eaten sandwich, waste food, pay a fine

Do your kids leave food or milk out on the counter to go bad in warmer summer temperatures? Do they forget to tie up the bread bag? Do they get out a snack and leave it half eaten somewhere?

Well, this has been a problem at the home of KimC, from Frugal Hacks. She recently posted that she's been charging her kids 50 cents every time they waste food.


Do you think KimC's new "waste food; pay a fine" rule would go over well in your house? I think it's a great idea. I hate wasting food, but it seems inevitable with kids, especially the toddler set.

Now I'm just trying to figure out how I can start charging the boys when they ask for a certain food or snack and then don't eat it. We find half-eaten apples around here all the time. That drives me bonkers.

But sadly, the biggest food waster — my 2.5-year old — doesn't make an allowance yet, so I can't shake him down for food waste. I guess I can charge him in toy cars.

How do you keep your family from wasting good food?

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