Apple Cake Saves Woman From Foreclosure

mortgage apple cake angela logan

Photo from Bake Me A Wish

A 55-year-old woman from New Jersey who was struggling to pay her mortgage came up with an innovative (and delicious) way to save her home of twenty years—selling her famously moist apple cakes.


Angela Logan, an actress, came up with the "bake sale" idea when one of her acting agenices closed and the substitute teaching jobs that she also relied on for income became scare. She decided to sell her apple cakes (a golden cake with butter-cream cheese frosting) and see if she could make some money to pay her mortgage. "I call them mortgage apple cakes because they were meant to save our house," she says.

Logan set a goal of baking 100 cakes in ten days and started selling them for $40 each. She told everyone what she was doing—friends, family, people at her college (she's studying to be a nurse), people at her church. She baked 42 cakes in seven days.

Then, her story hit news channels around the country and she had orders for 600 cakes. That was too many for her kitchen to handle so a local hotel offered her use of its kitchen. And when Logan couldn't figure out how to get her cakes to customers in faraway places (Canada, California), the president of Bake Me A Wish stepped in and offered to become her business partner. So instead of losing her house, Logan has launched a successful baking business.

"It's something like a fairy tale," Logan said. "It's like a wish come true."

You can order one of Angela Logan's mortgage apple cakes, by clicking here.

Have you ever thought about going into business with one of your baking specialities? What would you bake?

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