Are Harry Potter and Friends Alcoholics?

Bloggers are buzzing today about whether Hogwarts has a drinking problem.

Now that you mention it, I was pretty surprised at one scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in particular (don't worry, no blatant spoilers here), in which a certain teenage main character gets tipsy on butterbeer...


There are other scenes in the movie involving inebriated adults, but I think the main concern here is that the movie seems to depict—or more like suggest—teenage/underage drinking.

Warner Brothers defended the movie, saying that the drinking scenes with adolescents are ambiguous and "open to different interpretations." In other words, because the alcohol content of butterbeer has never been stated, no one actually knows if the drink is even alcoholic.

A little sleuthing on my part turned up a bunch of recipes for butterbeer—some non-alchoholic and others alcoholic. I guess we'll never really know...

Have you seen the movie? Were you surprised that so many of the scenes included alcohol (or the suggestion of alcohol)?

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