Do Cherry Pitters Really Work?

Ever since Cafe Cynthia wrote about cherry pitters a couple weeks ago, I've been obsessed with getting one for my kitchen. So when my mom received this OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter ($12.99) as a birthday present last week, I "volunteered" to take it off her hands for a few days. I experimented with both cherries and olives, and here's how it worked...


The reviewers on (and, wow, there are quite a few) seemed to love this little gadget. I, however, had mixed results.

The pitter works pretty well if—and only if—the cherry or olive that you are pitting is larger than the clear splatter shield. Otherwise, the cherry/olive pushes through and gets stuck in the little plastic holder. Trying to remove said stuck cherry/olive can be just as messy as pitting it the old-fashioned way.

Also, 1 out of 5 times, the pitter broke the cherry/olive in half but missed the pit, so I had to go back and removed the pit myself from the halved fruit. Again, this is messy work. Now 1 out of 5 is a pretty decent success rate—except when you are pitting four cups of cherries for a pie or similar purpose.

Now, I'm with Cafe Cynthia in that I do not enjoy pitting cherries or olives. Therefore, overall, I think this kitchen gadget is definitely preferable to pitting with a pairing knife one by one. Still, I was a little disappointed by its inconsistency.

Do you have any use for a cherry pitter?

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