Salad Recipes, Keeping Your Salad Healthy: Links I Love

saladI hate it when I'm trying to be good by getting a salad, only to find out that the ingredients I put on it made it about as fattening as a Big Mac. Grrr!

Here are some linke I love that'll teach you what kinds of salads are definitely healthy for you:


Even salads can be fattening (example, Greek salad with it's delicious feta cheese and olive oil). Here's a way to make it low-cal. — That's Fit

12 healthy salad recipes that will actually fill you up. — Woman's Day

How healthy is your salad? Learn what greens, potatoes, and other add-ins you should be using.  — Parent Dish

Top ten list on how to keep your salad healthy. — Yahoo! Shine

What do you like on your salad?

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