Refusing to Cook Foods You Hate

cooking for kids

Photo by deaner2

You'll never see a can of tuna, liverworst, lamb chops, beets, clams, or green peppers in my grocery cart. When I shop for my family, I tend to buy stuff that I like. I really have no idea whether my kids like or hate beets, lamb or tuna, because I never use them in recipes and cooking.

I was thinking about this yesterday after reading in the Newcomer's Club that some moms routinely pawn off food on their kids: tofu ice cream, tomatoes, turnip greens, carrots, pickles.

As one mom said, "For some reason, my son hates the same foods I hate!"


It's not all that surprising when you consider that children develop their food preferences early in life. It's important to expose them to variety -- even if we ourselves don't like that particular food.

Still, I have a hard time preparing something that I myself won't eat.

1. It's not efficient (because I'll have to make two different meals).

2. It contradicts the message I'm constantly sending to my family, that I am not a short-order cook: The dinner is the dinner, your choice is what's on your plate.

3. Beets and tuna are just yucky.

What foods or dishes do you serve your kids and family that you yourself would never touch with a ten-foot pole?

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