Breakfast Cereal Hogs

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breakfast cereal hogs

Photo by dimomof2

I'm possessive about my breakfast cereal. I have to start my day with a bowl of Puffins or I get really cranky. If I wake up to find out that my husband polished them off the night before, or there's only a few of those mildly sweet corn nuggets left -- not enough for a full bowl -- well, the day is pretty much shot.

Recently I instituted a new rule. Everyone gets their own box of cereal -- no sharing allowed. This may sound a little militant, but it's a good system that avoids lots of problems, including:

  • Empty box aggravation, as explained above;
  • Kids dilly-dallying over which of the 20 cereal choices they want that day;
  • Losing track of calories -- I know exactly how many are in my bowl of Puffins each morning (145);
  • Husbands ripping the bag into a jagged mess (instead of slicing the corner neatly) so that it's impossible to pour the flakes without making a mess. He can mutilate his own however he'd like;
  • Staleness. Not a factor when you know they'll all be gone in the next week or so.

What are your breakfast cereal pet peeves? Do you have corn flake hogs in your house? Would the "individual box" approach work for your family?

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