Healthy Snack Recipes, Tips on Snacking Healthy: Links I Love

healthy snacks

Photo by roxysmommy

It is possible to diet and enjoy snacks, as long as they're healthy snacks (sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?). Here are some links I love to help you keep your diet under control while still enjoying treats during the day:



Tips for how to snack healthy. — Whole Living

A long list of healthy snack recipes. — Eating Well

Think since you're on a diet you can't eat chocolate? Wrong! Here are five ways to pick the "good" kind of chocolate. — Self

Maybe there was some truth behind the retro grapefruit diet. — That's Fit

10 healthy snacks that both mom and kids will enjoy. — Cookie

Four situations in which it's okay to give in to those hunger pains. — Cooking Light

What is your favorite healthy snack?



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