How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Thinking about throwing an eco-friendly baby shower? CafeMom Tjyholcomb started her own business, Infinitely Yours LLC, to help new moms-to-be and their friends and families do just that. Here, she shares some green ideas for your celebration...


Tiyholcomb, mom of two, started her business in March to help educate new parents on what eco-friendly products were available to them. In addition to providing reviews of eco-friendly baby products and a directory of eco-friendly businesses, her site also offers Baby Shower Hostess Kits ($9.99-$29.99). These kits provide the host with things needed to throw an eco-friendly baby shower including favor ideas, suggestions for games and activities, shower checklist, and parenting tips. Her other ideas are below:

  • Invitations: To be truly green, hosts send invitations by e-mail (Evites) instead of paper invitations. However, Seed Packet invitations are also appropriate for an eco-friendly event, or you can use them as favors.
  • Decor: Hold your baby shower outdoors in the backyard, garden, or park. The great outdoors provides the perfect natural setting, and you won't have to spend anything on decorations.
  • Dishes, etc.: Use real dishes, napkins, cups, and silverware instead of paper products and plastics to cut down on waste. You can purchase these things cheaply from thrift stores or garage sales. It doesn't matter if they are mismatched—this will only add to the charm!
  • Food: Fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthy hors d'oeuvres are perfect to go with the natural theme. Some hosts serve a gluten-free cake or other dessert.
  • Favors: Homemade brownie mix in a mason jar with baking instructions; organic candles; bird feeders...The Infinitely Yours LLC's baby shower kits have even more eco-friendly ideas.
  • Gifts: Check out Infinitely Yours LLC for places that sell eco-friendly or organic clothing, gifts, and other products for babies.

For more ideas about eco-friendly entertaining, baby showers, and starting your own business, check out these resources:

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