Product Review: Thermolon Rocks GreenPan

Todd English Thermolon Rocks GreenPan

12'' Frypan, $49.95

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Because of all the health issues surrounding Teflon, I'm always on the search for safer nonstick pans.

So when offered the opportunity to cook with a Thermolon Rocks GreenPan from the Todd English Collection, I was all too happy to give it a try...


This pan is advertised as being "eco-friendly" because it's made without PTFE and PFOA—chemicals used to manufacture some nonstick products (including Teflon).

The problem with PFOA is that the Environmental Protection Agency considers it to be a "likely carcinogen." The problem with PTFE coating is that the manufacturing process used to apply it to the pan takes a tremendous amount of energy. Applying the Thermolon coating actually uses 60 percent less energy. By avoiding these two chemicals, the GreenPan has benefits for both our health and the environment.

So how did it work?

We used it to stir-fry tofu, pan-fry chicken, and make pancakes on the weekend. Relative to my experience with Teflon, it seemed equally as non-stick.

Plus, the light-colored surface made it easy to see where it needed to be cleaned—something that is not always apparent with darker nonstick pans.

And, not that I've ever cracked the handle off the pan, but it's really nice to have a handle (in this case, it's stainless steel) that actually feels sturdy.

In terms of price, it's not the cheapest pan you'll ever buy. But compared to other "safe" nonstick options, the GreenPan seems pretty middle of the road.

The only caveat is that we've only cooked with it a few times, so I can't tell if it will keep it's "non-stickiness" (I promise that is a word) as long as Teflon would.

But I think I'm willing to take the chance on it, given the alternatives.

Have you found any good alternative to Teflon?

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