Grilled Pizza -- Fun for the Whole Family

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grilled pizza

My daughter and I had a total "girl day" last week. Everyone else was busy or in camp, and Princess Carolyn and I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips, plopped down on the couch front of the Food Network, and watched the Barefoot Contessa make grilled pizza.

"Ooooh, I love parsley," my daughter says any time a TV chef reaches for something green. It wasn't parsley, it was basil. And she doesn't like parsley, not at all. She detests it. I think she says this to pretend she's into the show, an excuse to stay in my lap eating the chips she wouldn't ordinarily get.

Chips or not, I was enjoying the relaxing afternoon with my kid and the idea of grilling personal pizzas. Host Ina Garten says this is a fun make-it-together meal for kids (though she admits she never has kids at her house).

Of course Ina made her very own pizza dough from scratch, yeast and all, in her fancy-schmancy mixer that costs more than my car.

I'll just buy the dough already made at the grocery store.


Ina assembles exotic toppings -- a special garlic oil to brush on the crust, crumbled goat cheese, prosciutto that's thinly sliced and julienned.

I'll just pick up some marinara and a package of shredded Sorrento at the Italian deli. (I'll toss some red onion on my my pizza, and maybe a little turkey bacon. Delish.)

Ina divides her dough into half a dozen smaller pieces and pressed them into mini-pies. She puts the dough directly onto the grill and cooks it on one side for one minute. Then she turns the pizzas over and brushes them with olive oil or garlic oil.

Now top the pizzas however you like, drizzle on some olive oil, snap the lid, and grill for five minutes more until the crust is crisp and the toppings are cooked.

Here's Ina's real recipe for Grilled California Pizza if you want to be exact. It's rated Intermediate difficulty, but if you tweak  it like I did, even a 4 year old could pull this one off.

Do you grill pizza? (Here's a tip: The grill is a great way to reheat a day old pie -- the crust crisps to perfection.)

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