Should There Be a 'Sweet Tax?'


Some states have considered passing a "sweet tax"—a tax on sweetened drinks including soda, sports drinks, and those trendy drinks that advertise to be chock-full of vitamins, but are really filled with sugar.

The reason for the tax (beside making the states money, of course) is to prevent obesity: People will lose weight by choosing healthy options like water or unsweetened drinks over more expensive sugary beverages. After all, studies show that soda drinkers who gave up soda lost up to 20 pounds in one year.

But can a sweet tax really prevent obesity?


Should there be a sweet tax on sweetened drinks?

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Minst... MinstrelMommy

I don't think it will help to tax them.  I mean, people are going to eat and drink whatever they want to eat and drink - and the states know that.  They know it's not going to prevent obesity - they're just looking to pad thier own pockets a little more. 

I think if the states need more money, then they must be being awfully dumb with the money they already take from the people.  JMHO

auror... aurorabunny

I don't think any of this stuff should be taxed to begin with.

That said, tax one, tax them all.  Eating crap food has been proven to be just as detrimental as smoking, and I pay taxes out the wazoo for my cigarettes.  So yes.

Lumin... LuminousMom

my instinct is to say yes.. but just as Katie said.. ciggs are taxed and that doesnt stop the majority of people from smoking.. so I dont think it would stop anyone, I just think it would make it more expensive. Plus it would piss ME off as the shopper of the family because my husband (who is certainly not even close to obese) drinks coke and it would mess up our budget to have to all the sudden spend more. If they want to solve obesity in this country we need to start figuring out ways to make healthy food more accessable and affordable... I dont think taxing sweets would make a difference.

Brade... Bradensmommy719

i dont think it would stop anyone... they might just complain more that they have to pay more.... if people would really pay attention to what they eat and drink then the number of obese people might decrease.... jmo. i grew up drinking very little soda i still drink very little. we knew it was a special treat when we did get it. i want to teach my son that same idea.

MomIWant MomIWant

IMO this won't help a bit and  first a sweet tax, then a hamburger tax or french fry tax?  Or maybe a beef tax but no tax if you eat chicken?  IMO this is just another way to gather up funds "for the good of the people".....

athenax3 athenax3

Why do people with self control who have mastered the elusive art of moderation and common sense have to pay more for those who haven't? While I'm sorry there are obese people, I didn't make them that way, and take the steps necessary to prevent myself from becoming that way, so now as punishment I have to pay more if I do want a soda? Ridiculous.

etsmom etsmom

perhaps making a fastfood tax.  On the same 15-20 bucks someone spends to go thru the drive thru they can go to the grocery store and find the right ingredients to make a nutritious meal.   Maybe it would help if there wasn't a friggin junk stand on every corner in America. 

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