Would You Eat Seal?

Kim Conte

would you eat seal meatGuess which cuddly sea creature is on the menu at several restaurants in Canada?

Seal. Seal appetizers, seal entrees, seal pepperoni, seal roasted in the oven with cranberry sauce. Seal.

Apparently, it's delicious, tasting similar to beef tenderloin. If only it weren't so controversial...


Would you try seal?

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Canada is one of the only countries in the world that allows commerical seal hunting. (The U.S. banned the practice in 1972.) Animal rights groups have protested Canada's annual commercial seal hunt, which allows fishermen to kill about 280,000 seals from a herd of 5.6 million. And Europe has banned the import of Canadian seal.

Despite the controversy, some restaurants continue to serve it because of customers' requests. Ordinarily, I'd try anything. But I might have to draw the line here.

Would you eat seal?

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