Is Online Grocery Shopping Worth It?


online grocery shopping

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In the plus column for buying groceries online, you can put:




In the negative column, you can put:

delivery fee

higher costs on some items

letting someone else select your fruits, veggies, meats

Here's one CafeMoms take on online grocery shopping:

"I used Peapod by Stop & Shop for a while," says DandEMom tells the Thirtysomething Moms group. "I loved the convenience, and once the initial order was set up on line, it was really quick to 'shop.' They literally bring the bags into your home and put them on the counter. Everything was frozen, fresh, as it would be if you shopped the store.


"However!," she adds. "After about four times of ordering with them, I had to go the store for something I forgot. I was looking over my Peapod receipt and noticed the cost of one item. When I was in the store, I saw the store price was about 40 cents cheaper. So, I continued to compare and there was a price increase on just about everything. Needless to say, I stopped. I didn't mind paying a delivery fee, but I did mind paying more for the same thing."

How much of a value do you put on all the effort it takes to grocery shop each week, including time, making lists, driving, gas, and roaming the aisles?

Do you think online grocery shopping is worth the slightly higher price?

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