Parking Space Stalkers

parking at the grocery storeWhen my kids were babies and there was so much to carry to and from the store, I always looked for the parking spot closest to the entrance. But I hated it when an incoming shopper would stalk me, park, and put their blinker on to claim my space.

They'd often stare holes into me while I unloaded the bags of groceries and strapped in the baby as if to say I'm taking way too long.

Most of these people were older or obviously childless, because they had no idea how many extra minutes loading up kids as well as groceries takes.

It became so annoying that now I do what AMsMommy212 does -- I try for the spot nearest to the cart return. Or, when I'm with my older son, I'll park way in the back and enjoy the little walk.

"I will scan the lot for a good spot, but near the cart return in my favorite so I don't have to carry my son very far," says AMsMommy212, mom of a 16 month old boy. "I'm not one to drive up and down the rows for five minutes. I just park and walk."



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When you see a mom loading up young kids do you wait for the spot or do you give her a break and drive on by? Where is your favorite spot at the grocery store?

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