Does Organic Food Taste Better?


does organic taste betterIf I'm going to pay $1 more per pound for organic apples at the supermarket, then I expect them to taste better than the conventional ones, right?

Not necessarily...

To be honest, I don't know if I could—10 times out of 10—correctly differentiate between an organic apple slice and a conventionally grown apple slice in a blind taste-test.

I know that some people probably disagree with me and think that organic always tastes better. After all, taste is subjective. And, some non-organic products are developed namely to enhance appearance and extend shelf-life with flavor being low on the priority list.

I definitely accept that there is an obvious difference in flavor between some organic products and their conventionally grown versions. But apples? I don't think my taste-buds are that refined.

But superior taste isn't the No. 1 reason why people tend to buy organic. Rather, it's because they want to avoid pesticides and other chemicals that can harm the body and the environment.

When I can afford it, I choose organic products over conventional because I'm concerned about the health of my family and the health of the environment. But in terms of taste, here are some other factors to consider when choosing organic products:

  • Locality: In my experience, locally grown food tends to taste better because it's fresher and hasn't spent the last week being shipped cross-country.
  • Seasonality: A tomato in the summer is always going to taste better than a tomato in the dead of winter.

What do you think? Which organic foods do you think taste better than conventional?

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Puuka... PuukaMommy

I buy organic fruits, veggies and meats to make my son's babyfoods, though I don't necessarily eat all organic myself. I wish I could, I've noticed that most natural things taste so much better than commercial. I particularly love going to the fresh market for produce. Unfortunately, an entirely organic diet is impossible for my family financially, so we try to at least get meats and produce that way. I don't necessarily notice a difference in Publix's regular apples and the organic variety, but some things I deffinitly do. Cherry tomatos, baby carrots and horizion milk (chocolate!) are some of the organic things I can't live without.

wides... widespreadpanic

If more of us bought Organic it would be affordable. it is all supply and demand. I think everything Organic tastes better. Especially Milk.

bhwrn1 bhwrn1

I don't think you can always tell, to be honest. But I buy it b/c I know it is better for us and better for the environment. I pick and choose, though. I buy milk and produce organic all the time. With other products, it just depends on how much I think it is going to affect me at that point in time. It took me a long time to go from paying $3.99 for a gallon of milk to $5.49. I don't think it's just about tasting better, but it's about how it makes you feel about  what you are putting into your body (or your kids) and how you may be contributing to environmental issues.

Elsasmom Elsasmom

Apples, oranges, strawberries, to name a few, I can tell a big difference in organic. Besides, I'm kinda freaked out by those ginormous, shiny-skinned apples they have in the produce section. It always makes me think of that irresistable apple the evil witch handed to Snow White, I'll take dull and scrawny any day! As for the people who think organic is unaffordable, DH & I were just noting the other day that some organic items (not all, of course) have been the same price or sometimes CHEAPER than the conventional ones. I pay $4 at Publix for a 3 lb bag of organic apples, the regular ones, I think, are like $2 or so per lb. Also, there've been several times I went in and organice tomatoes were cheaper, same with organic peaches. You just have to watch the prices. As long as it's in season (and why would you want them otherwise?) the organics are actually coming down in price, at least where I'm at anyway.

nonmember avatar Amanda Vega

Hum.. I don't know if it tastes better, but sure does make you feel better! I'm not a mom, however, my friend's daughter has acid reflux (awful for how young she us) and she can't drink juice, which is bad for a kid she can't get all her nutrients! Well, normal juice hurts her, but First Juice ( is organic, and doesn't hurt her. Not only that, but she says its yummy! So my conclusion. Organic may taste better, maybe not - but def makes you feel better which is worth the extra dollar!

shara... shararose7

Have you tried organic carrots? YUM! There's no comparison to non-organic carrots. How can it not be better to eat organic when it is better for both people and the planet to not spray toxic pesticide and herbicides to grow food. Why is it OK to pollute the plants, air and water with toxic chemicals when we don't really need to ~ just so we have cheap food to eat. What about the honeybees that are dying because of pesticides and GMO's? We're dependent on the health of honeybees to get a third of the foods that's on our plates. Are we going to hand pollinate like some farmers have to do in China because they sprayed so many pesticides in some areas of their country that they killed all the bees that use to do the work for them! The Environmental Working Group is an amazing organization with a "Shopper's Guide to Pesticides" with a list of the  "Dirty Dozen" top fruits & veggies with highest amount of pesticides residues (from their own national testing.)  Apples just happen to be second on the list with the highest pesticide load and they recommend that shoppers buy organic to reduce exposure. We're all connected in this web of life. Our shopping dollars matter and we vote for pure food and a pure planet every time we shop. Today matters.

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