Does Organic Food Taste Better?

does organic taste betterIf I'm going to pay $1 more per pound for organic apples at the supermarket, then I expect them to taste better than the conventional ones, right?

Not necessarily...


To be honest, I don't know if I could—10 times out of 10—correctly differentiate between an organic apple slice and a conventionally grown apple slice in a blind taste-test.

I know that some people probably disagree with me and think that organic always tastes better. After all, taste is subjective. And, some non-organic products are developed namely to enhance appearance and extend shelf-life with flavor being low on the priority list.

I definitely accept that there is an obvious difference in flavor between some organic products and their conventionally grown versions. But apples? I don't think my taste-buds are that refined.

But superior taste isn't the No. 1 reason why people tend to buy organic. Rather, it's because they want to avoid pesticides and other chemicals that can harm the body and the environment.

When I can afford it, I choose organic products over conventional because I'm concerned about the health of my family and the health of the environment. But in terms of taste, here are some other factors to consider when choosing organic products:

  • Locality: In my experience, locally grown food tends to taste better because it's fresher and hasn't spent the last week being shipped cross-country.
  • Seasonality: A tomato in the summer is always going to taste better than a tomato in the dead of winter.

What do you think? Which organic foods do you think taste better than conventional?

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