Kids' Party Entertainers Don't Come Cheap

He wears diapers on his head. He is afraid of his own hand. He eats toilet paper. Is this an evil miscreant we want to protect our children from? Hardly. He's The Great Zucchini, kids' party entertainer extraordinaire. And apparently, kids can't get enough of him.

The Washington Post recently ran a great profile on this popular preschool entertainer. Most shocking to me was his going rate—$300 for 35 minutes. That works out to more than $100,000 annual salary a year. And he only works on the weekends! Never mind that I am obviously in the wrong profession, I was more interested to read that kids' parties have become so extravagant.

What do you think? Are kids' parties becoming too over-the-top or is nothing too excessive when their birthdays are concerned?


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