Is Ice Cream Too Expensive?

Summer Survival Guide

best ice creamI took a mouthwatering tour this morning on of America's Best Ice Creams, and left craving a beglian chocolate scoop from Toscanini's in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The New York Times calls it the "best ice cream in the world."

Oh, my. But I don't live anywhere near there, and I'm sure I couldn't afford it. Going out for ice cream isn't what it used to be. On the rare occassion we visit our local parlor, I usually end up paying more than $10 for the four of us.

Breyers Chocolate and Vanilla, here we come!



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Going out for ice cream was a special treat in my family growing up. How often do you take the kids out for a cone? How much does your local shop charge for a scoop these days?

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