Quick and Easy Oreo Balls for Halloween

If there were an award for "Most Awesome Recipe Ever," it might just have to go to this one for Oreo Balls—for three reasons. First, it calls for the three most delicious ingredients in the world: chocolate, cheese, and Oreos. Second, this quick, no-bake recipe is so simple to make. And, finally, it's completely kid- and adult-proof. I mean, who doesn't like Oreos? (I'm serious, is there anyone out there?)

My sister's been bringing this sweet treat to family Halloween parties for years. I always thought this was a top-secret recipe that only we knew about, but I Googled it today, and it looks like everyone has been enjoying Oreo Balls since the beginning of time. Oh, and if you want to get fancy about it, apparently, the appropriate terminology for these sweets are "Oreo Truffles." Who knew?




Quick and Easy Oreo Truffles

One package of your favorite Oreo's

One package of cream cheese

Dipping chocolate (any color)

Smash Oreos with either blender, food processor, or by hand. Mix soften cream cheese with Oreos and roll into balls. Freeze truffles for around half an hour until balls are firm. Dip truffles into chocolate and then let dry on wax paper. Put truffles in mouth and enjoy.


I've even seen people decorate these as eyeballs for Halloween!


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