Be Green & Save Green at the Farmers Market

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Guest blog from Ideal Bite's Mama Bite contributor Jennifer Orr.

Recently, I returned from the farmers market ridiculously proud of myself. I was such a good mama...spending time with my girls, demonstrating the fun of choosing healthy foods, all while helping the planet by shopping locally.


Then I started emptying my reusable bags. In addition to fresh, organic produce, I pulled out a humongous plastic (ack!) bag of half-eaten kettle corn, which I vaguely remembering buying to quiet my whining 5-year-old so I could focus on strawberries; two balloon animals (which aren't great for either the landfill or sea turtles); and two empty snow-cone cups, which, now that I looked at them under my kitchen's fluorescent lights, were clearly not biodegradable. Sigh.

But, hey, didn't I just skip a bunch of pesticides by buying organic and conserve gas by buying from local farms? So lesson learned: just going to the farmers market doesn't make me green by default. Next time, kids and I will pack our own bags and cups for popcorn and snow cones, and maybe we can skip the balloon guy altogether...

Do you have any tips for being green at the farmers market?

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