Do You Drink Your Fruit?

Fruit2day; $3.79 for 2

Food makers are always trying to figure out new ways to get us to eat more fruit. It's true that most adults and kids don't get enough. And that's really strange because what could be simpler than picking up an apple and biting it? Or peeling a soft and sweet banana?

A little expensive, sure, but good deals abound. And it's not like fruit tastes bad. It's delicious, refreshing, and good for you. So what's our problem?

Maybe we're bored with the standard method of eating fruit, which is why so many other options exist: pressed fruit, fruit juice, and even drinkable fruit.


Some of the Daily Buzz bloggers and I tried a new drinkable fruit product last week that we liked -- Fruit2day. This one's a bit different than others like because there are real fruit chunks in the juice. Now, this does take a little getting used to. I like my orange juice pulp free. I'm not sure how a picky toddler who's super sensitive about texture will like it.

But it grew on me. The juice and bits fill you up more than straight juice, so you don't go running for the snack cabinet.

Each 6.5-ounce bottle contains two servings of fruit. Match that up with a couple servings of veggies every day and your doctor will be thrilled! No added sugar and only 120 calories a bottle.

Flavors are Strawberry Orange, Mango Peach (Cafe MicheleZ approves), Pineapple Banana and Cherry Grape (I gulped that one down).

You can buy two for $3.79 in the produce section of your grocery and at health food stores. Let me know if you try one and what you think.

Do you and your family get enough fruit in your diets? Do you have to pressure your kids to eat apples, pears and bananas, or do they gobble it up like mine do?

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