Sleepover Ideas

slumber parties

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Sleepovers are somewhat of a milestone for your tween, so when you find yourself having to host one, the pressure's on. Not to mention, the thought of ten squeeling middle schoolers in your living room can be a bit intimidating.


Luckily, Momversation has shared their tips on keeping the kids entertained:

  • Food: Allow the kids some creativity by letting them top their own pizzas, popcorn, cupcakes, or sundaes.

  • Crafts: Some not-so-average crafts include jewelry-making parties, decorating trinket boxes, and tye-dying t-shirts (parental supervision highly recommended!).

  • Movies: Rent fun (but not too scary or racy) movies. has, well, common sense ratings of movies.  It's a good way to get the kids quiet and focused. Heck, they might even fall asleep (naaah...).

  • Games: The old standbys include Truth or Dare and Ouija boards. Decide in advance if you want to encourage your child to leave these by the wayside (dares can get rather... daringly scary).  Instead, have group games like Taboo or Guesstures on hand. For early-night fun, host an outdoor treasure hunt to help the kids release some energy. Make sure that prizes are available!

  • Themes: Upgrade the sleepover party with a theme: spa, chocolate, 80s, fiesta...then go all out!

lady-t3984 also recommends keeping your space, "Don't invade on them. I kept trying to offer my help and I had to learn the hard way. My daughter finally said, 'MOM, PLEASE! WE ARE FINE!!' I knew what that meant. "

Have you hosted a sleepover? What kinds of activities did the kids do?




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