Dinner Idea Burnout

Cynthia Dermody

dinnertime burnoutIn my house, I'm the Dinner Decider. I plan all the meals. On those nights when I tell Hubby I have absolutely no idea what to make, please help me! he'll just say "hamburgers" ... every single time I ask him.

Some days all the ideas in the world don't even help. I use one of those recipe-a day-services, but sometimes I just don't have a taste for anything. Pasta, overdone. Meat, too heavy. Sandwiches, too cold. Eggs, not filling.

So I whip out the oatmeal. It's warm, filling, and bland, so it's perfect for the nights when we want a full tummy without tasting much of anything.

It's actually a pretty tasty meal when you add some shredded apples, slided almonds, and a dash of cinammon sugar on top.


What do you make for dinner when you just can't decide on anything?

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What do you make when you get the dinner blahs?

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